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How to pass the ISEB certificate.

As we leave the exam season behind for a few months with over 50 Act Now candidates waiting on their results 2 months from now we think we’ve seen enough to offer a few words of advice. Here are Ten … Continue reading

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What’s green & white and doesn’t sound like a Parrot.

My new i phone…. Google has decided it will change its privacy policy, well not so much change as start to enforce it. Basically all the information it has about you will be shared all across the Google platform unless … Continue reading

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Those Were the Days!

Martin Gibson, of Buckinghamshire County Council, reflects on the challenges facing a Data Protection Officer and how relationships with the Information Commissioner’s Office have changed over the years. Read more here

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Cloud Computing and Data Protection

The issue of cloud computing has been getting huge coverage in recent years for a number of reasons – like the new cookie rules, the word ‘cloud’ offers journalists the opportunity to come up with easy punning headings about “storm … Continue reading

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DP & FOI. Coming to a school near you.

It may have sneaked under the radar in and around Xmas but an FOI request in Wales to schools produced some alarming stats. There are at least 2,840 cameras in schools across Wales, one school in Cardiff has 40 cameras … Continue reading

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RIPA it up and start again?

At a time when the phone hacking scandal has shone a spotlight on the murky world of police and tabloid surveillance, the Government, through the Protection of Freedoms Bill, is choosing a soft target in local authorities rather than focusing … Continue reading

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