Not sure why but when a normally rational DP officer is asked to produce a Fair Processing Notice for a CCTV camera they seem to lose track of reality and forget the basics. Name of Data Controller; purpose of processing, contact details.

Here’s a simple example.

Forgot almost everything and also made the mistake of telling people that they were using hidden cameras. Hidden engages RIPA. Easy mistake to make.

Another fine example of this on the right is a well known police force.

Clearly they thought about what to put on their sign but managed to get it spectacularly wrong.

And while the Act Now staff are abroad they also keep their eyes open for interesting signs. Souriez means Smile. We’ve seen versions of this in the UK.

And a colleague sent the following to me knowing I had a library of CCTV signs collected on my travels.





How we laughed… But then we realised… what do our CCTV signs look like? Is anyone snapping ours and showing them off as not actually very good…   Send us your signs.

CCTV and the Law Workshop – Watching You Watching Them More details – http://www.actnow.org.uk/courses/714

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