Open Wide

Popped into the dentist for a filling today. The old one fell out with a chewy caramel bar. On arrival I was given a form to fill in with my personal details and medical history. 
“Just an update dear” simpered the receptionist.
I read it as I was waiting. Name, OK, address OK, phone, mobile, email. Hmmmm. Occupation? At that moment the dentist called me in so I started quizzing him on the form. It wasn’t easy when he started prodding around in my mouth but afterwards I asked a few obvious questions. 
Why do you need my occupation to treat me? 
“We don’t actually. Err It’s not my form it’s supplied by a 3rd party. 
Sound like a data processor wagging the data controller to me…
Why do you need to know the amount of units of alcohol I consume each week?
“Alcohol is a major factor in oral cancer”
OK I’ll give you that one.
Do you share my data with my doctor or the local hospital?
“No we don’t. I suspect they don’t talk to each other. ha ha. Why are you asking all these questions?’
My job involves working with Data Protection.
“Oh it’s OK we have a Data Protection Certificate downstairs in reception. We won’t pass your data to anyone. Ha ha. It’s all just paperwork that we have to fill in”.
Not particularly reassuring. No DP statement on the questionnaire. No understanding of Notification or Certification (whatever that is). No idea about the data controller/data processor situation. Some Principle 3 considerations. Who trains dentists? What time do chinese people go to the dentist?
We know that one. 2-30.

We have a hole in our programme when it comes to training dentists. However, our basic DP course may be of use.

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3 Responses to Open Wide

  1. bobinuk says:

    I see you put your (Training) money where your mouth is…
    I have seen several of these ‘health history’ forms now and never seen any reference to DP on any of them.
    Bob (Open wide please and stop asking those stupid questions)

  2. bobinuk says:

    I see you are putting your training foot where your mouth is.

    I have seen a number of these dentist’s ‘medical hostory’ forms and none to my recollection has any DP statement on it.

    Bob (open wide please and stop asking those stupoid questions)

  3. Brenda Scourfield says:

    They need to know your occupation to see if you’d get the credit to pay for the treatment. 🙂

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