The Cat came back

Halloween and a postcard dropped through the letterbox. It was from the local vet. The one who earlier this year couldn’t make a diagnosis about our Tiddles and refused to hand over his medical records so we could take a second opinion. Tiddles didn’t make it and we told the vet not expecting to hear from them again.

The postcard was addressed to me and said it was time for our pet’s jabs but after the postcode on a line all of its own was the single word – Tiddles. We were clearly upset; how insensitive of the surgery to mail me about a  recent bereavement. If it had been a hospital and a dead child it might have even hit the media. We weren’t even a customer as we were dissatisfied with the service. It still didn’t feel right.

Any breaches of the law here? Principle 4 – Accuracy? Section 10? Right to object to prevent processing likely to cause damage and distress?

Probably not but it’s another entry in the catalogue of errors.

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