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Grandma’s spends

Grandma had been getting worse day by day. She’s living in her own home with help from various agencies but she’s an easy target. Dementia has been diagnosed. Last year she paid a door to door salesman £1,800 by cheque … Continue reading

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Parking & the DPA

I received this web link in an email from CONFUSED.COM which I thought was interesting so I’ve reblogged it. The DPA does feature (slightly) but it’s a good read. Nothing more to say – enjoy reading it but remember that the DVLA … Continue reading

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The school that didn’t learn its lesson.

In 2011 I received a gorgeous CD through the mail from a school. It invited me to send my children (at the time aged 30, 29 and 25) to their school (35 miles away from my house). Read the full … Continue reading

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How to waste money and upset people

Once upon a time there were 6 people working for the NHS. Two of them in particular (let’s call them A & B)  were working on a function required by law which was difficult but over the previous 4 years … Continue reading

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