A waste of energy


We’re renovating a house which we don’t live in.

1) An energy company writes to say they’ve called twice to read the meter but no-one is in.
Yes because we don’t live there.
In the letter they say please make an appointment for them to read your meter. Partner and joint owner of the house rings up to do so. Energy company refuse to talk to her as bill is in my name. Data Protection…
She grumbles. They say OK we’ll make an appointment but we won’t tell you when it is. My partner points out the obvious error. They withdraw their offer.
 2) They talk to me today as they need to make an appointment for meter replacement. The team that does that finish at 5 and it’s after 5. Can we ring you monday – No I’m actually training all day – will you talk to my partner. I can authorise her to talk to you. They say yes but this authorisation will expire when the call centre operative goes home at 8pm today.
It’s not Eon. I’ve been saving this graphic for a while. It hits the spot.
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