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SMILE! You’re on our Mailing List!

Charity envelope time again.  And yet again another organisation I had no relationship with at all. This time it was a big one with offices in…are you ready… UK, USA, India, China, Philippines, Latin America, Mexico, Brazil, Africa, Indonesia, Vietnam, Middle East & North Africa and Bangladesh. Surprisingly in all these … Continue reading

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The Reading of the 30,000

Originally posted on informationrightsandwrongs:
There is some irony in the quite extraordinary news that the Independent Commission on Freedom of Information received 30,000 submissions in response to its public call for written evidence: one of the considerations in the call…

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‘The Great CPS Data-breach!’

                        No, this isn’t a new multi-million pound blockbuster, but instead a £200,000 error the Crown Prosecution Service probably wishes it had never made. On the 4th November 2015 … Continue reading

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Sainsbury’s and Data Protection – They have your number (and it’s not on your nectar card).

It shocked me on Sunday morning (a few months ago) when driving into our local Sainsbury’s car park. Through bleary eyes I suddenly saw my registration number flash up on a display in front of me. It also said my … Continue reading

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