Act Now Supports Leicester Food Bank


Act Now is pleased to announce its support for Woodgate Community Food which is a food bank for residents of the Fosse Ward in Leicester. It recently won the Leicestershire Community Champions Award (Community Organisation category). 

According to a report in the Guardian recently, food aid charities have identified the emergence of the UK’s “newly hungry”, a growing cohort of people previously in good jobs and enjoying comfortable incomes who have been forced to use food banks and claim welfare benefits for the first time during the pandemic. 

The Feeding Britain network and Independent Food Aid network (IFAN) said their members were providing food support to a new influx of middle-income families.
Typically with families, cars and often self-employed or business owners, they had been plunged into crisis by Covid-related job losses and gaps in the social security system. 

For the next four months, for each copy of our GDPR Handbook and GDPR Keeling Schedule we sell, we will donate £1 to Woodgate Community Food Bank. One of the founders and committee members is our senior Associate, Lynn Wyeth who said, 

“We are so grateful to Act Now for choosing our foodbank. Increasing poverty and Covid19 has had devastating effects on our communities with many turning to foodbanks to help them get by. Numbers have increased dramatically during the continued Leicester lockdown. We all want to see a society where food banks are not needed but until then our amazing community volunteers will support the most vulnerable in our neighbourhoods with food, toiletries and advice on where to get more help.” 

Act Now is pleased to be playing a small part in tackling the effects of the Covid pandemic. A similar initiative recently saw a substantial donation being made to Refuge to help in their efforts to tackle the increase in domestic violence during the pandemic. 

We can all play a part in alleviating suffering during this crisis. Get involved in a cause and spread the love. Support your local food bank and/or donate to Woodgate Food Bank here. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter

Care Home Records: My BBC Interview

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Ibrahim Hasan writes… 

Data Protection law is about protecting peoples’ human rights. When organisations fail to comply, it can have a big impact on peoples’ lives. I was proud to work with the BBC on a recent story which highlights the importance of protecting the personal data of some of the most vulnerable in society. 

Thanks to tenacious journalism by Ben Moore and Tobey Wadey, piles of patient data which were left unsecured in an abandoned care home, more than four years after it was shut down, were finally removed. It included care plans, bank details and photos of injuries we well as information about relatives. The Information Commissioner is now on the case. 

You can watch the BBC report, which includes an interview with me here.   

The BBC website feature can be read here

Act Now 2021 Course Programme Now Live


Act Now is pleased to announce the launch of its course programme for the first quarter of 2021. For the moment, until we return to “normality”, all our courses will be delivered in an online learning environment (using Microsoft Teams) and have been redesigned to ensure that they are interactive, engaging and fun.  

Along with favourites such as GDPR and FOI AZ, we have added some new courses to help Data Protection Officers develop their skills and knowledge. The first of these is ran in November (“How to be a Data Protection Officer” with Kirsty Squires), and was fully booked. Delegates commentated on how much they valued learning from a practicing Data Protection Officer:

“This was exactly the learning that I’ve been looking for pretty much since doing the Practitioner course a 3 years ago. You’ve given me a lot of food for thought about how Sureserve Group handles its DPA obligations and, while these might not necessarily lie with me (or at least solely with me) in the future, you’ve helped me create a more structured idea of how we might do things ‘properly’ and also how to put as much ‘right’ as I can at the moment.”

More dates for this course have added in 2021.  

For those wishing to keep up to date with GDPR developments our online GDPR update workshop is a must. Our most popular certificate course, the GDPR Practitioner Certificate, is going from strength to strength. The last ten of these courses have been fully booked and delegates have given us excellent feedback: 

A highly informative and interactive course which helped to join the dots together and add layers to my understanding of a complex area. I had some reservations as to how it would be possible to achieve an effective course remotely and would it be as engaging as a classroom based alternative. Frank managed all this and more, he was approachable, highly knowledgeable and made sure the participants were understanding the content.
I would not hesitate to recommend to colleagues.” SW, Harrogate Borough Council

“Really enjoyed the online course and felt that I received the same knowledge without the need to leave my house!” GB, NHS Ayrshire & Arran

Excellent course, very informative and well organised, with useful practical exercises that complimented the presentations and helped to cement the learning.” JB, Cambridgeshire County Council

New Advanced Certificate in GDPR Practice 

For those who have completed the GDPR certificate, our Advanced Certificate in GDPR Practice has just been launched. This new course consists of a series of challenging masterclasses in which delegates will analyse and evaluate thought-provoking case studies designed to help them deconstruct and interpret complex GDPR issues. This will help them gain a deeper understanding of the GDPR and further their ability to navigate the legislation and its application.  

The course is set over three days; approximately one masterclass per month and will take a total of 12 weeks to complete. A practical project is required to be submitted at the end of the course. There are only two places left on the first course so please apply early. Click here for more information. 

Cyber Security 

In the space of a month the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has issued three Monetary Penalty Notices (aka fines). All related to breaches of GDPR’s security requirements as set out in Article 5 and 32. The latest requires Ticketmaster to pay £1.25m following a cyber-attack on its website which compromised millions of customers’ personal information. The ICO has also fined Marriott International Inc for a cyber security breach which saw the personal details of millions of hotel guests being accessed by hackers. This followed a fine for British Airways also for a cyber breach.
You can read more about the causes of such breaches in our recent blog post.
Our new Introduction to Cyber Security Management will introduce you to the main concepts of cyber security, the benefits of good cyber security management and how risk management is used as a means of determining priorities for action. 


The Coronavirus pandemic has seen an increased focus on surveillance especially by public authorities. Whether you are worried about employee surveillance or the use of drones we have a course for you. Alongside our regular RIPA workshop we have added a course on Surveillance Cameras, Drones and the Law. Look out for the launch of RIPA Essentials, our new e learning course.  

FOI Certificate 

In July we launched our online FOI Practitioner Certificate. This new course has been designed to mirror our classroom based course that was running successfully throughout the country before the lockdown. It has been really well received with most courses being fully booked.  

“Very useful course – really enjoyed it and didn’t find the online format any barrier at all to learning. The technology enables us to interact with the speaker and other delegates as if we were all meeting in person, and I found having 2 days a week for a fortnight (rather than 1 day a week over a month) helped keep the momentum of the course going and consolidated my learning.” AH, Invicta Law

In 2021 we will be delivering an improved version of the FOI certificate with even more case studies and exercises.   

In House Training 

Finally don’t forget that all our courses can be delivered on an In-house basis and customised to meet the training needs of your staff. We have delivered such training to a number of councils, NHS Trusts, a regulator and even a foreign government. Feel free to get in touch to discuss your in house training needs.

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