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And so, the end is near, and now we face, the final curtain… or do we?

In case you missed it over the last week or so it has been confirmed that the European Council have agreed a text of the Draft EU Data Protection Regulation. You would think that would be the final stage but … Continue reading

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Disclosure of Documents – What they do not teach IG staff

I have come across several examples in recent practice where great confusion has arisen about the responsibility for complying with court orders which appear to require the disclosure of personal data, often quite sensitive. This can arise where the data … Continue reading

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Local Government Transparency Code Re – Issued

   In February 2015 the Local Government Transparency Code was re issued to require local authorities to publish information about their social housing stock. The Code was made under Section 3 of the Local Government, Planning and Land Act 1980 … Continue reading

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Sell your friend’s email for £25!

It’s quite simple. You’ve just bought a product and the company who just sold it to you asks for a friend’s email so they can market to them. If they buy then you (and them) get a cheque for £25. … Continue reading

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A Conservative Majority Government with Michael Gove as Justice Secretary! What now for Freedom of Information?

So now we have Conservative majority government, contrary to the pollsters’ predicted. I know what you are thinking; what now for Freedom of Information? Unlike Labour and the Liberal Democrats, the Conservatives did not mention FOI in their election manifesto … Continue reading

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Our survey said…

    I bought a new car. On delivery day it was in the showroom draped in a royal blue cloth with a sign saying Reserved for Mr Onassis. The salesman before handing me the keys mumbled in an apologetic … Continue reading

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Information, Documents or Both – What is available under FOI?

It is an oft-repeated phrase that the Freedom of Information Act (FOI) provides a right of access to information but not documents. A recent Court of Appeal decision shows that it is not that straightforward an issue. Section 1 contains … Continue reading

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