Net Loss or Net Gain


Great news.  If you use East coast trains extensively you can collect Reward points. This festive season you can maybe win a thousand or even (gasp) a million if you sign up now.

That’s enough to get you free Wi-Fi on your next East Coast journey…enjoy VIP treatment in a First Class Lounge…or save up for a great choice of gifts like fine wine, free train travel and lots more. It’s fast, free and easy to join so get on board today and who knows, Father Christmas could be delivering an extra gift with love from us!

Unfortunately if you exercise your right not to receive marketing material from East Coast guess what happens to these millions of points.

When you use wifi on an East Coast Train this is what you see.

To get internet access, please enter your email address.

Remember Me. Please untick if you do not wish to receive marketing communications from East Coast.

Please note that unticking this box will suspend your Rewards membership, meaning you are not able to earn or use Rewards Points.

Freely Given Consent? I’m sure other phrases will spring to mind…

Ho, Ho, Ho

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